Save Olympic Wrestling

by Chris Lenyszyn on March 10, 2013

Save Olympic Wrestling

This is American junior wrestler Ellis Coleman performing an insane, flipping Greco-Roman wrestling move called “the flying squirrel” at the junior world championships It’s hard to decide which part is best: how fluidly Coleman leaps, grabs, lands and performs a two-pronged takedown or that his lack of expression afterward suggests that doing all of those things was as routine as crossing the street. The flying squirrel is cool. Acting like doing the flying squirrel isn’t cooler makes it even cooler.
It’s hard to imagine this will become a go-to move in Coleman’s wrestling arsenal though. The flying squirrel seems to rely on the element of surprise. If an opponent is expecting the maneuver, it wouldn’t end well. Coleman would go on to win the bronze medal in the event.

“The dream of wrestling and Olympics is and will always be the most exciting thing in the world for me.” Chris Lenyszyn

As some of you know, they are wanting to drop wrestling from the olypmics. While many people think it’s over, I think it’s just the beginning of the match.. not the end. There are efforts now going into saving wrestling…

If you could take 3 seconds out of your day, and go “LIKE” this page, it’ll go a long way towards helping save wrestling… (and be a cool b-day present for me)

Coaches, Parents & Wrestlers:

Please go to the link below to sign a petition to save Olympic Wrestling!

In case you haven’t heard, the IOC voted to drop Wrestling from the Olympic Games beginning 2020. They decided to keep sports such as Pentathlon, Ping-Pong, Speed Walking, etc., & drop one of our greatest & oldest sports. This comes as a shock to the international wrestling & sports community as a whole. YOU can make a difference!

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