10 Ways To Make Money Online

by Chris Lenyszyn on March 7, 2013

You have probably heard about making money online. If you are willing to start making money online today, here are some of the most famous and best ways.

1. Showing Ads on your website

If you own a business or a blog, you can easily make money by displaying Ads by Google and Yahoo on it. You get paid by the number of clicks on your site. If your site has good traffic, then that means good money.

2. Affiliate marketing

This is also another of the best 10 ways to make money online. This is where you make money when someone buys a product or service through your referral link.

3. Selling your own product online

If you have information you consider valuable to other people, you can package it and sell it online. You can write an eBook, write guides and tutorials as well as sell applications for tablets, iPhones and computers.

4. Having your own mini sites

Most people who make good money online do it through this method. A single site may be making 2 dollars per day but when one has like a hundred, that’s around 200$ which translates to around 6, 000$ per month.

5. Writing reviews for other products

If you have good writing skills and you like reviewing products and services, then this is probably your best shot at making money online.

6. Becoming an online consultant

If you are an expert in a particular field and you have an established opinion, people can pay you for consultation.

7. Having a membership site

If you have material or knowledge that is not very common, you can pre-sell it and make good money online.

8. Selling domains and websites

This is also amongst the top 10 ways to make money online. You just need to buy a website or domain and then sell it to someone else who wants it at a profit.

9. Monetizing your Email list

If you have a large Email list, you can make very good money online. You can either sell your product or give your affiliate link.

10. Google Affiliate Ads

This is probably the latest amongst the 10 ways to make money online. If you have a blog at Blogger.com, create an AdSense account and start making money right away.

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